14 Things To Do in NYC on Valentines’ Day

What is there to do in NYC on Valentines’ Day? It can be overwhelming to plan a date in such a place, especially if restaurants are already booked. But New York has no shortage of fun on this day of love. Whether you’re single, casual or committed New York is no hum-drum place. NYC has a lively night scene for everyone across the LGTBQ spectrum, and yes for straight folks too of course. Just come! Be yourself and have fun in the city that never sleeps.

1. Valentines Day Foodie Festival

Hosted at the Midnight Market in Jersey City this eclectic festival will have you stuffed! You and your date or a group of a friend can dance, drink and eat the night away. With over 20 food vendors serving a variety of ethnic cuisine from 6:30-midnight come prepared with a big appetite. While there is there is an entry fee, be sure to bring plenty of small bills too. Most food vendors are offering $7 or less, options!

Midnight Market hosting Foodie Festival for Valentines' Day
Midnight Market hosting Foodie Festival for Valentines’ Day

2. Sweetheart Soiree

A Jazz Age Lawn Party at the elegant Norwood is back! This 5-story private club built-in 1847 hosts this lively Valentine’s Day party. Goers will experience live music by Arenella a real-dapper due, a kissing booth, and dance lessons. It’s a festive even for a festive night that’s perfect for first-time dates.

3.  After Dinner: Salsa Dance in Queens

Salsa In Queens is a lively evening for beginners and experienced dancers. They’re also great as ice-breakers for couples and singles who shouldn’t feel hesitant to join in the fun. Wine, dessert, and activities are offered to help get dancers acquainted with one another. Sals in Queens is also the perfect Valentines’ date-night for married couples looking for something new and exciting.

4.  Sahadi’s Mozzarella Making

A break from the traditional-norm of Valentine’s Day dates, try a mozzarella making class!! You and your date, your friends or just yourself will have a blast making delicious food and learning new techniques. You’ll learn how to make a big ball of love-or cheese that is, as you snack on an assortment of Medterrian spreads. And at the end of the night, a goodie bag filled with olives, olive oil, and a bread loaf will be handed out. Might even better than a goodnight kiss, honestly.

Sahadi's Mozarella Making Class
Sahadi’s Mozarella Making Class

5. Off-Broadway Shows

A wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day in NYC or any day for that matter is Off-Broadway. Many spectacular performances are going on this week including Dracula, Frankenstein, and Drunk Shakespeare.

6.  Convicts Prom

Relieve your prom at the Public Hotel in Lower East Side. It’ll be like the prom you always dreamed of, but instead of spiking the punch bowl cocktails will be served. You’ll have the chance to have your photo taken with your date as you dance under the shimmer of a disco ball.

7. An Evening of Romantic Comedy

Some of NYC’s funniest comics come together on the night of Saint Valentines to bring you romantic comedy. For a heartwarming and hilarious evening, a romantic comedy is a perfect way to spend your Valentines’, single or not. The comedic likes of Illiana Inocencio (Orange is the New Black), Natalie Walker (BoJack Horseman, Search Party), and many others will be performing.

Curators of Evening of Romantic Comedy, NYC
Curators of Evening of Romantic Comedy, NYC

8. Whiskey and Chocolate Tasting Class

Who says learning can’t be fun, or intoxicating? You’ll get a lesson on how to smell and taste whiskey accordingly then pair it with decadent chocolate. At the King County Distillery,  you’ll also receive bourbon-flavored lip blam. Yum! Hands down my favorite on the list!

King County Whiskey Distillery
King County Whiskey Distillery

9. Dinner and Potions Class

The Cauldron in NYC is a magical gastropub that’s inviting all Wizarding World fans to test their skills in potion class. Channel your inner Professor Snape as you brew up drinkable elixirs and love potions. The class experience includes a wearable robe and wand, for an additional fee, but worth it for most diehard Harry Potter fans.

Potions Class at Cauldron in NYC
Potions Class at Cauldron in NYC

10. Friends of Single People

A matchmaking game like no other between comedians and their willing audience members. Single people are asked to describe their ideal date and then matched with a group of comedians who find their matches, for a side-splitting night of laughter. Want to join this unique experiment? You may even meet the love of your life! Tickets for Friends of Single People can be found here.

11. Valentines Day Cocktail Class

Mixology is a science they didn’t teach you in school but in the Greenwich Village, it is. Learn about some spirits and how to mix things up at home next time. You’ll be buzzed and fed, then you and your date will stumble on your away having learned something new.  An expert bartender is giving 2 sessions at Analogue

12. Cupid’s Tour of the MET

Not the literal cupid, but Professor Andrew Lear will be your guide, informing you of the history and practices of Cupid and Venus, the goddess of love. For a fun, educational and romantic exploration of the MET like you’ve never experienced before you’ll be immersed in a wealth of intriguing knowledge about history, sex and love, and art.

Mars and Venus United by Love, painting at the MET
Mars and Venus United by Love, painting at the MET

13. Gay Valentines Day Single Mixer

For all the gay singles in NYC don’t feel like you’re missing out. A Gay Singles’ Valentines’ Day Mixer is will be happening on the Sir Henri Rooftop Bar. Drinks, music, moodlighting and single gay men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s await you.

Valentines' Day Gay Singles' Mixer NYC
Valentines’ Day Gay Singles’ Mixer NYC

14. Love Thyself Pleasure Workshop

At the 3F Studios in Flatiron this self-help sex workshop is great for women, trans and nonbinary individuals looking to spice up their Valentines. Expert sex educator Lola Jean hosts this pleasure workshop that is a 2-hour long guided-mediation. Learning how to self-love and take care of one’s most intimate areas is vitally important especially on world love day. There will be chocolates, candles, and toys offered as well.

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day this year? Will it be in NYC at one of those lovely events? Tell us in the comments below!

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