The crowded streets of New York and its constant activity is reason to suspect many commuters and tourists are going to be on their smartphones looking for directions on Google Maps, sending emails to employers or FaceTiming with spouses. In the day to day hustle most city dwellers and travelers rely on their smart phone devices to manage. It’s easy to get lost in the big city without GPS so the need for hot spots and charging stations have arose throughout the city and its boroughs. Within the parks like Central Park, Prospect Park, Flushing Meadows and Corona Park provides free and safe WiFi access points for smart devices and laptops.

Metro station with Wifi free
Metro station with Wifi free

LinkNYC is a revolutionary solution to the need for WiFi and charging stations throughout the city, outside of the parks, as it replaces phone booths and allows people to use the phones in their pockets. LinkNYC has various kiosks setup all throughout New York City that allow users to charge their smart devices like phones and tablets, make phone calls and access WiFi so they can get the much-needed directions to navigate the streets. The service is free to citizens because its paid for solely through advertising.

Link Wifi free in NYC
Link Wifi free in NYC

A big city like New York, benefits greatly from having WiFi hot spot stations for its thousands of smart phone using residents and tourists. But LinkNYC isn’t the only one getting on board with the modern solution. Subway stations are now providing a similar service called Transit Wireless which allows smart phone users free WiFi connection while they’re in the underground subway commuting through the city.

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